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Staff Augmentation – a Flexible Outsourcing Model

This way of dealing with the lack of employees can be presented with the following definition – a flexible means of increasing and decreasing team capacity according to the current needs of the company. A huge advantage of the process of staff augmentation is that you find talents on demand and create teams according to the current project needs. 


Staff augmentation is a productive profitable model in the sense that you only pay for the skills/talents you need at the time you need them. The specialists are employees of the company for a certain amount of time who support the structures of a company by being embedded in the team that needs them. In project outsourcing this is a specific project, here it is more about satisfying the demand for a person with a specific set of skills. 

With the help of a staff augmentation vendor, you easily increase and decrease the capacity. Workers employed in this manner are employees of the company, even though all the payroll, contracting and social benefits are handled by a third-party company.  However, the good thing here is that the third party takes care of all the other factors around the contractors – they are in charge of creating the ecosystem which makes the employees feel assured about their career path. 

From our experience, working in the staff augmentation model means that most people are employed for the long run since losing domain knowledge is one of the biggest problems for any company.  

Abundant IT talent for hiring 

Offshoring and nearshoring are great examples of finding IT talents abroad. There are many more variations of outsourcing, but speaking from experience we are sharing the advantages of nearshoring – relocating a business process to a nearby country.  

Although often the difference in the working hours can be seen as an issue, for us and our clients across Europe it makes a good impact. For instance, the difference between Bulgaria and the UK in their time zones is only two hours, which means that your company would have some tech support two hours before even the start of the workday. It is also worth mentioning that having nearshore teams allows you to organize events with them and you’re only a couple of hours away. Similarly, with our office being established in Sofia companies from the East might be supported even after the finish of the regular day.   


As we already mentioned, consultants, freelancers and contractors are not part of the official staff of the company. They are employees who you have to provide with the support of a manager. That way you invest in specialists who already have the knowledge and the skills to be part of the processes of your teams and organisation. What is left for you to consider is whether you already have a person who can lead the team or you might have to recruit one as well.   


Despite the numerous benefits, an honest opinion is that staff augmentation has some disadvantages as well and may not be suitable for your case. For example, let’s imagine you need a whole team of IT specialists to deal with a specific task. But what should you do if there is a gap in the management staff, too?  

Staff augmentation vendors simply provide talents to handle parts of your project directly. The main difference is in the management process. An outsourcing vendor creates milestones and manages the whole process by itself while a staff augmentation vendor provides you with developers. The client company can employ software engineers, tech leads, QAs, BAs, etc, and use their skills however your Engineering Manager finds best. 

Hiring and onboarding are quite challenging for IT startups, especially for one with a working model that requires fast-based innovation and solutions. Often the required management personnel in the staff augmentation are the reason why many startups prefer to outsource. If a specific part of the project is far from the field of their job, they would undoubtedly need more talents to bring the business ideas to action.  

Many people would argue that if your company lacks the required management personnel (project manager, CIO, CTO, PM, TL) staff augmentation may not be for you. The nearshoring teams do not work independently and they may increase overhead for project managers who would have more resources, tasks, and deliverables to monitor. However, we emphasize the need of good team blend of both onshore and nearshore specialists. For instance, having a PM and a TL in the nearshore team, but working closely with other development teams onshore, while reporting to the same Engineering Manager, might have positive effect both on the working process and the results. 

Despite the fact that you may not have the most suitable person for such a position, our opinion is that often a good option is to invest in somebody who already knows the basics to support the team and to follow their progress. Moreover, you will know that a trusted person oversees the project’s details. That way the merging of the new team with your company policy and vision would be easier. This is a vital part of building good communication between the teams flowing in both directions. This can let you follow the progress and thus, easily make adjustments wherever they are needed. Cohesion + teamwork makes the dream work.

From our experience, eliminating the need of middle management personnel creates space for freedom of the dynamic of the work leaving our employees to put effort into the tasks at their pace. Reducing the pressure improves the final results – that is what works for us. And usually, we have the projects executed even earlier.   

What makes us your Allies?

Our employees have the opportunity to work for a product company while experiencing all the benefits of the outsourcing model.For us, from Expert Allies, it has become a mission to invest in our experts for a long-term period. We, as a third party, are always making sure that our specialists have a future in the sphere and we are ready to help them in their path. 

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