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We operate globally. We source locally.

What are the advantages of our strategic locations?

Data for Bulgaria, North Macedonia and Serbia combined.

320 000

highly qualified experts


foreign investment growth in the ICT sector since 2015


yearly ICT sector growth in the region


cumulative projected ICT revenue by 2025


Our success is rooted in our commitment to reliability, supported by our highly skilled and English-proficient local IT talent. We offer competitive salaries that reflect the high-quality work and unmatched technical skills of our team, setting new industry standards for excellence.


The IT sector in Bulgaria, Macedonia, and Serbia exemplifies reliability through its rapid and sustained growth. Marked by the rise of startups and unicorns, these countries are becoming dependable technology hubs, drawing significant investments. The global confidence in their IT capabilities is bolstered by favorable government policies and low-tax environments, making them attractive destinations for technology ventures.


Our region is a top choice for global companies due to its exceptional quality and value. Tech giants have already established a presence here, attracted by our highly skilled, English-proficient talent pool and business-friendly laws and taxes. Don’t miss out on the chance to thrive alongside leading companies by leveraging the unique opportunities our region offers.

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