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We operate globally.

And we have put ourselves on the map. Here exactly.


Expert Allies is headquartered in the emblematic Ellipse Center, located at 96 “Tsarigradsko shose” Boulevard in the beautiful capital city and economical centre Sofia.

What is the best part of our strategic locations?

Data for Bulgaria, North Macedonia and Serbia combined.


Universities with tech courses

51 000

graduates every year

320 000

qualified Experts

Top 10

for internet speed (mobile)


The region and its commitment to providing access to professional education ensures a continuous supply of talented Experts. The work of institutions that excel in producing skilled professionals in the IT field, equipped with the latest knowledge and skills, results in a workforce that is well-prepared for the dynamic challenges of the industry.


Our strategic presence allows us to tap into a vast talent pool of Experts in the IT field. This abundance of expertise not only fuels our capacity for innovation but also positions our company to provide exceptional digital solutions, drawing on the wealth of knowledge and creativity present in the local talent landscape.


As key players in the region, Bulgaria, North Macedonia and Serbia have made significant steps in developing a reliable and high-speed internet connection. This technological advantage not only enhances connectivity for businesses, but also positions the area as an ideal hub for tech-driven enterprises seeking efficient communication and seamless online operations.

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